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Some suggestions about rangehood

When selecting a home range hood for Chinese customers in North America, here are some suggestions:

Range Hood Size: North American customers typically choose range hoods that are 30 inches or 36 inches wide, and these sizes fit standard kitchen stove sizes. Choose the right size cooker hood according to your kitchen space and cooking needs.

Installation method: If your kitchen has cabinets, it is recommended to choose the range hood under the cabinet. In this way, the range hood can be integrated with the cabinet, which not only saves space, but also maintains the overall aesthetics. If the kitchen has no cabinets, you can choose European wall-mounted range hoods, which can be installed directly on the wall and also have excellent range hood effects.

Suction index: In order to ensure effective removal of oil fumes and odors, it is recommended to choose a range hood with a suction index over 650 CFM (cubic feet per minute). A high-suction range hood can expel smoke outside more quickly or purify the air through a filtration system.

Exhaust method: For kitchens that need to be exhausted, it is recommended to choose an external range hood. This type exhausts cooking fumes to the outside, ensuring fresh air in the kitchen. If it is inconvenient to drain outside, you can choose a circulating exhaust range hood, but please clean and replace the filter screen regularly to ensure performance.

Noise level: Try to choose a low-noise cooker hood, especially if the kitchen is connected to the dining area or living area, so that noise disturbance is avoided.

Brand and performance: Buy range hoods from reputable brands and compare the performance of the different models. It is also helpful to read testimonials from other users and professional product test reviews.

Cleaning and maintenance: Make sure the cooker hood you choose is easy to clean and maintain, this will prolong its life and maintain its performance.

To sum up, choose the range hood that suits your kitchen size and cooking needs, and make your decision based on suction power, exhaust pattern and noise level. Make sure you buy a high-performance, easy-to-maintain cooker hood that will provide you with a fresh, comfortable cooking environment.

Here are a few range hood brands that are popular in the North American market for you to consider:
  • Crown
  • Robam
  • Broan-NuTone
  • Zephyr
  • KitchenAid
  • GE Appliances
  • Bosch
  • Vikings

These brands all have a solid reputation in the range hood field and offer a variety of styles and models to suit different types of kitchen needs. When choosing a range hood, remember to make the best choice based on your kitchen size, cooking needs and budget. Also, reading other user reviews and professional product test reviews can help to learn more about a particular make and model.

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