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Costway Washing Machine EP24896,Full-Automatic1.5 Cubic Feet 11 LBS Washer with air dryer

Costway Washing Machine EP24896,Full-Automatic1.5 Cubic Feet 11 LBS Washer with air dryer


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Product Details:

Costway Washing Machine EP24896,Full-Automatic1.5 Cubic Feet 11 LBS Washer with air dryer


  • Color: Grey, white
  • Material: Stainless steel, PP, ABS
  • Product dimensions: 19”x 19”x 33.5”(L x W x H)
  • Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
  • Power: 300W (wash), 250W (drainage)
  • Capacity: 1.5 Cu.Ft
  • Net weight: 57.5 lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Full-Automatic washing machine
  • 1 x User's guide

Costway Washing Machine EP24896,Full-Automatic1.5 Cubic Feet 11 LBS Washer with air dryer

Key Features

● Multiple Humanized Design: Featuring a clear washer lid, you can view the process of clothes at any time while using the washing machine. The adjustable foot is placed at the bottom to enhance stability on uneven ground. The alarm model gives the signal in an abnormal condition, then it can auto-stop the washer when a serious fault happened and remind you to repair it.
● Easy Operation with LED Display: The washing machine comes with 8 washing programs and 10 water levels on the control panel for easy operation. For example, heavy mode takes 57 minutes to wash jeans and big clothes while gentle mode for washing wool requires 26 minutes. As for the child lock, you can press the two buttons simultaneously to activate the safety lock.
● Large Capacity and Multiple Use: Equipped with a large stainless steel inner tub and powerful motor, this washing machine can accommodate 11lbs of clothes at one time for household use. Besides, the washer is suitable for washing and dehydration, which also can be used separately as needed.
● Perfect for Your Home: With a compact size of 20”(L) x 19.5”(W) x 34”(H), the washing machine is an ideal choice for small spaces like apartments, dormitories, and motor homes. And the weight of the washer is only 58lbs. Moreover, the usage of less water and detergent helps you save money.
● Automatic Adjustment of Unbalance: Designed with an automatic unbalance detection mechanism, the washing machine will correct the imbalance of the tub automatically. Thus it avoids violent vibration if the clothes inside the stainless steel tub are not equal, so as to prolong its service life.


Save time and energy! It time to buy the high-performance full-automatic washing machine! 

With 8 programs and 10 water levels selection, this machine can wash your clothes according to your different needs. The spin barrel also makes it efficient to rinse and dry. The full-automatic process frees your hands and you can do other things you like simultaneously. Besides, it meets the energy-saving standard, allowing you to spend less electric bill annually. 

If you are looking for a washing machine like that, don't hesitate to buy it! 

  • Stainless steel inner barrel for high-efficient rinse and dry
  • 8 programs offer various choices to deal with your clothes
  • 10 water levels meet your needs according to a different amount of clothes
  • The full-automatic process to save your energy
  • Automatic unbalance detection prevents drastic vibration
  • Clear control panel for easy operation
  • ETL certificated quality for safe use
  • 1.5 Cu.Ft large capacity to wash more clothes at once
  • Low noise will not bother others
  • Energy-saving design costs you less electric bill
  • Child lock to prevent kids from touching it by mistake
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