About Points

Points are a way for our mall to closely connect with customers and give back to customers.
Points are a kind of cash coupons that can be converted into discount coupons and used to deduct the payment amount when the order is checked out.
Points are used for order consumption and cannot be withdrawn.
The points have no validity period and are always accompanied by customers in the mall and can be used at any time.
After the points are converted into discount coupons, the discount coupons are valid for 365 days. It is recommended to temporarily redeem points when placing an order and use the discount coupon immediately.
A discount coupon is a code that is entered at checkout to reduce your payment. Once used, it will be invalid; after the expiration date, it will be invalid immediately; if it is not used in time, please keep the code confidential.
Points can be inquired at any time. After logging in to the account, click on 'Yourishop Member Rewards Plan' to view the total number of active points. You can also view the redemption history below.
Points correspond to valid customer accounts. Once the customer account is blocked, deleted or revoked, the points cannot be used, exchanged, or even queried.
For questions about points: use, exchange, validity period or other aspects, you can contact our customer service staff online at any time.
I wish you enjoy rewarding points, further savings, and keep shopping in a good mood!