Membership Rewards Program

Gifts to customers, mutual benefit and mutual growth

Ways to get Rewards

100 Points = 1 CAD$

  Ways Points to get
Create an account 1000
Celebrate a birthday 500
Celebrate account anniversary 500
Make a purchase 1 Points for every $1 spent ( 1% OFF extra discount for one latter order )
and more see Rewards



Using Rewards

Redeem rewards to get discount code which can be used in chekout(Make less order payment amount on the checkout page).

Discount code is sent by email of your register account(Please make sure the email address is correct).

  • Validity period of the discount code: 365 days (expired and invalid, please use it in time).
  • All orders used discount codes from this plan must be over 100$.
  • Generally, one discount code can be used per order.

Referral Program

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.

 You get
12.5% off coupon
Your friend gets
12.5% off coupon


Each time you refer a friend as a registered customer, your friend gets 12.5% OFF discount code which can be used in later orders. After your friend purchases some items online, you will get 12.5% OFF discount code in your email box. 

For detailed operation, see the blog post: