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Dear customers!

Since the launch of this mall, it has been favored by a large number of customers, and has won a large number of customers' favor, patronage and praise. Among them, many purchasing customers have made objective and detailed comments on the purchased products, providing valuable reference opinions for subsequent purchases of customers.

In view of the fact that customer reviews are highly valued, our mall has specially launched rewards for customers who participate in feedback and fair reviews. To this end, we provide the following rewards and regulations:

  • Customers who have already purchased are welcome to participate in the review.
  • If you want to comment more than 50 words, every 10 words is worth 1$, and you can get up to 10$.
  • Unobjective reviews, reviews without shopping records and reviews with insufficient words may be considered invalid or not eligible for rewards.
  • Rewards will be sent to the customer's mailbox in the form of coupons, please provide the correct mailbox.


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