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JOYOUNG DJ06M-D23: Joyoung high speed blender soymilk maker, mini 0.6L

JOYOUNG DJ06M-D23: Joyoung high speed blender soymilk maker, mini 0.6L

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JOYOUNG DJ06M-D23: Joyoung high speed blender soymilk maker,  mini 0.6L

The JOYOUNG DJ06M-D23 is the perfect high speed blender for making soymilk and more. This powerful machine features a 4-leaf stainless steel cutter head and surrounding heating system to ensure your ingredients cook evenly and deliciously. Using the easy-to-operate touch panel, you can easily prepare a variety of dishes for two people in just 0.6L of capacity. Plus, its 8-hour smart appointment feature allows you to enjoy a hot drink on time without supervision. Available in two colors with slightly different function panels, this 110V North American Standard machine is the ultimate appliance.

  • Powerful wall breaking, 4-leaf stainless steel cutter head crushes at high speed, more delicate and nutritious
  • The chassis is surrounded by heating, three-dimensional cooking, heating evenly without sticking to the bottom, and the taste is fragrant
  • The touch panel is easy to operate, cooking is easy, and it can easily handle a variety of ingredients
  • 8-hour smart appointment without supervision, enjoy delicious hot drinks on time
  • 0.6L small capacity, just right for two people, sharing a good time without wasting
  • Two colors are optional, the function panel is slightly different, rose powder: soy milk/juice/rice paste/soup/easy wash/reservation, oat apricot: soybean milk/grain/juice/porridge/boiled water/reservation
  • 110V North American Standard Voltage

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