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Menopause, also known as the gray life period of women, is an inevitable process in the life cycle of women. Menopausal syndrome is also an objective fact that most menopausal women cannot avoid.

Women entering menopause will experience hot flashes, sweating, irritability, irritability, insomnia, forgetfulness, menstrual disorders, urgent urination and frequent urination, joint pain, vaginal dryness, difficulty in sexual intercourse, fatigue and dizziness due to the imbalance of the endocrine system. Headache, paranoia and worry. Insomnia, dreaminess, and emotional instability. Lack of energy, palpitations and shortness of breath, backache and leg weakness, hot palms and soles of hands and feet, irregular menstruation, hair loss and breakage, dull complexion, rough skin, increased wrinkles, gradual obesity, uterine atrophy, and a series of other symptoms seriously affect the normal health of menopausal women. Live and work. When you experience these symptoms, do not assume that you are suffering from a disease, but it may indicate that you are entering menopause.

Facing the pain caused by menopausal syndrome to women, sound psychological preparation and appropriate medical help are of great help, but the key is to choose the right method. Some people take risks and take "hormones" for a long time in order to eliminate the troubles caused by menopausal syndrome. However, modern scientific research has proven that long-term use of "hormones" will increase the clinical incidence of cancer in women by 60,000. .

Menopausal syndrome is mainly caused by the decline of female ovarian function and the decrease in estrogen secretion levels in the body. Therefore, women entering menopause should take more supplements that can promote the recovery of the ovaries. Increase estrogen levels in the body and solve the problem at its root.

Hongrengui Capsule is a holy supplement developed according to this best treatment principle. It nourishes the ovaries and promotes the secretion of estrogen in the body, thus eliminating the symptoms of menopause, delaying aging and delaying the arrival of menopause.

Features and functions of Hongrengui Capsules:

Features: Purely natural plant extract essence. Contains no estrogen. It can moisturize, nourish and activate the ovaries, and enhance the body's own ability to secrete estrogen.

Effect: For premenopausal women, it can make breasts fuller, brighter skin, regular menstruation, relieve premenstrual discomfort symptoms, reduce pigmentation, and delay menopause by 3-10 years.

For women who have entered menopause, it is possible to moisturize and nourish the ovaries to gradually restore their functions, delay aging, enhance the secretion level of estrogen in the body, and resume menstruation. This will eliminate the symptoms related to menopause and keep you youthful and beautiful.

Difficulties in sexual life caused by vaginal dryness and upset caused by insomnia and dreaminess will no longer occur after taking Hongrengui.

Hongrengui allows you to regain your beauty and confidence, enjoy the joy of being a woman, get to know and understand Hongrengui, and make it a good partner in your healthy life.

Main active ingredients: A complex of essences from various natural plant extracts such as safflower, angelica root, ginseng, jujube seed, epimedium, poria, wolfberry and so on.

How to take: Twice a day, 3-5 capsules each time, preferably before meals.

Suitable range: adult women, women before menopause (around 40 years old), women entering menopause (around 50 years old), women after menopause (around 55 years old)

Packaging: 0.45g*180 capsules/bottle.

Made in Canada
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