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Costway Meat Grinder KC36492,with 1 Blades and 3 Plate, Electric 2000 W

Costway Meat Grinder KC36492,with 1 Blades and 3 Plate, Electric 2000 W

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Product Details:

Costway Meat Grinder KC36492,with 1 Blades and 3 Plate,Electric 2000 W  

Key Features

● Powerful Motor and Quick Meat Grinding: This electric meat grinder has 2000W max power, which means the electric meat grinder works effectively meeting most of the home grinding needs. Furthermore, it is a perfect choice for a supermarket. Prepare your food easier, and free your hands.
● Complete Accessories for Various Food Processing: This electric meat grinder is equipped with three different cutting accessories for coarse, medium and fine grinds of meat. The package includes sausage stuffing funnel and kibbe attachments for quickly stuffing sausage and making kibbes. This meat grinder can grind not only meat but also other foods like chicken, carrots, mushrooms and so on.
● Simple and Safe Operation: The grinder can be used easily by placing the cutting blade and cutting plate in it. Four key switches to Stop & Reset/On/Half/Reverse make it clear to operate. Attentive design of the Reverse Key keeps the motor from burning out when meat is stuck in the tube. With the help of the food pusher, your fingers are safe.
● Durable and Stainless Steel: The main body of the electric meat grinder is made of ABS food grade plastic material to ensure the safety of the food. The big tray is made of aluminum alloy to hold large pieces of meat. The grinder head is made of polished stainless steel making it very sturdy and durable.  
● Convenient to Store and Easy to Clean: There is one storage on the top for attachment and second storage on the back for the power cord. Both of them are for convenient collection. This meat grinder is also very easy to clean, just wash the cutting blade with running water.


This electric meat grinder aims to help you to grind large portions of meat or chicken very smoothly in a short period of time.

The high-quality grind heads and the strong motor featuring 2000W max power can improve the traditional way of grinding. You can choose from 3 cutting plates for fine, medium and coarse grinding to process different needs of various foods like flavorful burgers, meatballs, hash, meatloaf, sausages and so on. This electric meat grinder will be a great help in the kitchen.

Do not hesitate, come and buy one! Enjoy the comfort and simplicity of grinding meat with this machine.

    • A powerful locked motor of 2000 watts, saves you time
    • Big capacity tray allows you to grind large portions of meat
    • Stainless steel cutting blades (coarse, medium and fine) to process various foods
    • A multi-purpose meat grinder can chop various food, such as pepper can-fish
    • The key switch to Stop & Reset/On/Half/Reverse for the daily operation
    • Specially designed cord storage inside and accessories storage
    • Easy installation with the help of instruction without any tools
    • Easy to clean, as any parts can be taken off
    • Perfect fit for modern style kitchen

Costway Meat Grinder KC36492,with 1 Blades and 3 Plate,Electric 2000 W  


    • Voltage: 110 V/60 Hz 
    • Power consumed: 2000 W (max. locked motor approx. wattage)
    • Minced with robust metal cutter
    • Medium/Fine/Coarse cutting plate/Kubbe attachment
    • Cast aluminum feeding hopper
    • Cast aluminum auger & auger housing
    • 3 speeds (high & low & reverse)
    • Electronic stop & reset
    • Includes 3 heavy-duty steel cutting blades (fine, medium, coarse)
    • Material: ABS plastic & aluminum & metal
    • Overall size: 13" x 6.6" x 10"/326 x 166 x 251 mm
    • Weight: 11.6 lbs/5.25 kg
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Meat grinder electric
    • 3 x Stainless-steel grinding plates
    • 1 x 100% 304 Grade stainless-steel cutting blades
    • 1 x Kubbe attachment
    • 1 x Owner's manual caution:
    • Please read the manual thoroughly before using the unit
    • Please retain the manual for future reference
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