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Costway 8lbs Portable Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Drain Pump 94853102

Costway 8lbs Portable Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Drain Pump 94853102


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Product Details:


  • Color: Green/Pink/Purple
  • Material: Tempered glass, PP, stainless steel, aluminum, pulsator
  • Overall dimension: 19.5" x 18.5" x 31.5" (L x W x H)
  • Length of power cord : 74"
  • Length of inlet hose: 51"
  • Length of drain hose: 78"
  • Net weight: 47 lbs
  • Capacity of washing/spinning: 1.0 Cu.ft
  • Capacity of washing/spinning: 8lbs
  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Power of washing: 270W
  • Power of spinning: 200W
  • Rotational speed: 800RPM
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Portable washing machine
  • 1x Drain pipe
  • 1x Drainage pipe fixture
  • 1x inlet hose
  • 1x Faucet adapter
  • 1x Noise and miceproof plate
  • 1 x Instruction

Key Features

 Intelligent Technology: The easy-to-operate control panel comes with 6 wash programs, 6 water levels, and an LED display. Therefore, you can choose the program you need while clearly seeing the time required. You can also add extra rinse time by pressing the "Additional Rinse" button. the fully automatic design allows you to do other things while washing, greatly saving your precious time.
 Portable and Powerful Washer: This fully automatic washing machine comes with 1.0 Cu. ft large capacity which allows you to wash multiple clothes at one time for great convenience. Meanwhile, the compact and portable design is suitable for different limited places, such as dorms, apartment and RV camping, etc
 Built for Safety: Considering your kids' safety, this compact laundry washer is equipped with a child lock function. All you need to is pressing the "water level" button and "additional rinse" button at the same time. Moreover, all the programs will automatically pause if the lid opens.
 High-Efficient 360° Tumbling Washing: the washing machine features a stainless steel inner barrel, with small holes dotted for water to pass through. and the unique built-in washboards design, making clothes tumble and rub as manual washing does for a thorough and high-efficient cleaning.
 Automatic Imbalance Adjustment: Automatic water level adjustment Technology will automatically correct the imbalance caused by the uneven distribution of clothes in the stainless steel tub by refilling water. meanwhile, you can put this washing machine on an uneven surface because of its adjustable feet.


Say goodbye to hand washing with this portable washing machine!

This compact laundry washer offers 6 wash programs (normal, heavy, gentle, rapid, soak, spin) and 6 water levels (1 – 6) for your selection, greatly meeting your various washing needs. Meanwhile, you can wash multiple clothes at once thanks to its large capacity. Furthermore, the compact and portable design makes this washing machine fit for limited places, such as apartments, dorms, and RV camping, and many more. Likewise, the child lock function can lock the control panel to protect your children. If you want to add clothes to it halfway, you can open the lid. When you open the lid, all programs will automatically pause to ensure your safety. Additionally, the washing machine will automatically fill in water if the tub is out of balance.

If you are looking for a washing machine like this, do not hesitate to place an order!

  • 6 wash programs and 6 water levels for your different washing needs
  • Clearly show the required time with LED display
  • Washes multiple clothes at once with a large capacity
  • Washboards for washing your clothes cleaner
  • Adds the detergent easily through the detergent box
  • Compact design for limited places, such as dorm and apartment, etc
  • Keeps your children's safety with child lock function
  • All the programs will pause automatically if the lid opens
  • Automatically refill water to correct the imbalance
  • Can be used on uneven ground with adjustable feet
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