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HQ Ultrasonic Humidifier HQ-280

HQ Ultrasonic Humidifier HQ-280


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Product Description:

• Diffuse your favourite water or oil based soluble aroma.

• Easily adjust the vapour flow with the control knob.

• Press the LED ON/OFF button to cycle through seven fixed colors or auto flow.More InformationFor yourself

• Relieves and prevents dry and scratchy skin.

• Reduce the intensity and loudness of snoring.

• Returns to a comfortable level without affecting the temperature.

• Sleep and wake up with a more comfortable nose and throat.

• Moistening the air around the plants to prevent root rot and plant death.For your baby• Soothe scratchy throats, hacking and dry coughs that can keep your child awake at night.

• Help relieve risk of such inflections.

• Help baby to soothe dryness, chapped lips, and other irritations.

• Your baby would breathe easier for a good night’s sleep.

• Helps treat croup.

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