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JOYOUNG L18-Y77M: JOYOUNG high speed blender, bass intelligent heating, one-key self-cleaning

JOYOUNG L18-Y77M: JOYOUNG high speed blender, bass intelligent heating, one-key self-cleaning


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Product Details:

JOYOUNG L18-Y77M: JOYOUNG high speed blender, bass intelligent heating, one-key self-cleaning


Run softly, the bass breaks the wall without making noise

Filtration-free and fine, really broken walls and no filtration

The chassis can be heated until boiling, heated and boiled, can be used to make whole fish soup, soy milk, rice paste, smoothies, juices

Two automatic cleaning modes free your hands


Weight: 4.4kg
Capacity: 1400mL for hot drinks, 1750mL for cold drinks
Working voltage: 120V adapted to North American power supply
Heating power/stirring power: 1100W/900W
Size: 265mm×238mm×465mm

Cup material: 304 stainless steel, plastic

Function: making supplementary food, fruit juice, rice cereal, soybean milk, fine grinding, miscellaneous grain porridge, etc.


Multiple modes, one-click production of soy milk, fruit and vegetable juice, nut milk, rice cereal, fruit tea, multigrain porridge, etc., challenge the fancy breakfast without repeating the same
304 stainless steel grinding knife, imitation stone grinding fine original grinding, fully release nutrition, delicate and silky taste, strong flavor
Large capacity, one job, making 7 cups of hot drinks and 9 cups of cold drinks, healthy and delicious for the whole family to share
It can be heated, it really breaks the wall, and the nutrition is easier to absorb. It is very suitable for handling the food of the elderly and infants
High-power motor with a speed of up to 30,000 rpm, combined with imitation shark fin tooth cutters, brings a smooth and slag-free taste
One-button cleaning, free hands, clean and worry-free
Intelligent temperature control sensor, senses air pressure and altitude, ensures that the ingredients are cooked thoroughly, and prevents the cup from overflowing
5 layers of thick borosilicate glass, cold and heat resistant, lead-free, healthy, safe and durable
Safety lock design, interlocking and more secure
The large air outlet can dissipate heat quickly, and the non-slip base is more stable, greatly extending the service life


See the product instruction manual for specific operation methods.


This product is not completely sealed, be careful of water ingress
Please open the cover carefully after the work is finished, beware of burns
Do not let children operate alone
Keep away from open flames, heat, humidity, smooth surfaces or sharp edges
Do not clean with dishwasher
Do not put the power cord, host and plug in water
For more precautions, please refer to the product manual

Brand: Joyoung
Brand Origin: China
Net content: 1piece

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