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[JOYOUNG M6-L20] Joyoung noodle machine M6-L20

[JOYOUNG M6-L20] Joyoung noodle machine M6-L20

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[JOYOUNG M6-L20] Joyoung noodle machine M6-L20

The Joyoung M6-L20 is an automated noodle machine providing precise water-filling and intelligent weighing for seven types of noodles. With a 350ml water tank and upgraded multi-tube automatic water-filling, it produces noodles with a uniform surface water ratio for optimal texture. Automatically stirring and appearing, you can enjoy delicious noodles at any time with it's 12-hour smart reservation. It also features a single and face function for faster and more professional results.


  • Seven kinds of dies, Longxu noodles, thin noodles, thick noodles, hollow noodles, narrow noodles, wide noodles, dumpling skins, fancy noodles to eat as you like
  • 350ml water tank, upgraded multi-tube automatic water filling, more uniform surface water ratio and more glutinous noodles
  • Automatic stirring, automatic appearance, one-time completion, free your hands, save time and trouble
  • It will automatically blow air for a moment when it comes out, it will not stick vertically, and the tendons will be layered continuously.
  • Single and face function, faster and more professional
  • 12-hour smart reservation, the water surface compartment is separated from wet and dry, and delicious noodles can be enjoyed at any time
  • Multi-components are made of military-tech stainless steel, durable and easy to clean
  • 120V North American Voltage

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